December 22, 2016

Alpine Valley

This piece was inspired by a picture I took in 2013 on the way to Italy

The scene consists of three basic Elements, the foreground, the valley and the background image. The foreground consists of some lowpoly tree models which i created party from photoscanning and partly by handmodelling.

Some photoscanned rocks, centipede grass from Andrew Prices grass essentials and some plant models i created myself. As an eyecatcher i created a quick human in makehuman but didnt spend a lot of time on that as it wasnt my focus in this project.

The valley was created as usual in World Machine. For the textures i used screenshots from google maps and edited them in PixPlant to make them seamless. In Blender i used a mixture from slope, height and " noise mask to apply them to the model.

The background was just the picture.