December 21, 2016

Station B3-4 Offline

Unit B54 was dispatched to check what caused the failure,

and to get the unit back on the net. His vehicle,

brings him as far as the last roads go.

From there on he has to use his climbing

skills and his highly developed equipment

to get to the station.

I used world machine to generate the mountains,

from wm I exported the mountains as obj file a color map

and an normal map. In blender i decimated the mountains from

around 1 million vertices to 150.000 vertices,

and used the normal map to gain back the lost detail.

The car is a so called Whillys Jeep

which i modelled a while ago for a game project.

The human started as an project to model a

highly technologically advanced climber,

and is actually the first human I’ve ever modelled.